New Year Sneezes

Oh dear poor Mistress has the sneezes and snuffles today and I have such a busy day in front of me. I know I will be looked after by my loyal maggots crawling around at my feet licking my shoe’s as they go about there business and of course tending to my every need. They can scurry around doing there jobs and picking up my used tissue, now that will make me giggle. Am I too heartless with them do you think? no of course not, I am here to please myself not them. Now let’s see what I have in my Diary today hmmmmm ooooooooo I see I have a corporal punishment at 2 pm one of my favorites especially when my worms are mad to kneel and watch, makes them so uncomfortable when my subject is scramming and begging me to stop. Right my secret admirers my bath is run and my wash day slave is ready to bathe me so of I go, have fun and speak soon xxxxxxx