Financial servitude

As you can see by my photos I am a beautiful classy Mistress who is demanding and expects to be spoiled to the highest level and there are many ways of doing this with my list below. Nothing excites me more than seeing you spending, drawing out from an A.T.M. or bringing me exquisite gifts that you know are rightfully mine. Once you are hooked by my exotic sexy green eyes, pouting lips, long legs and curvy feminine figure you will give in totally to my whims and want to please me every chance you get. Just the thought of making your Mistress happy will now become the soul purpose of your being on this planet. Mistress expects a 100% commitment from all of her salves and especially those that undertake Financial Servitude as this is such a specialist level of domination and not for the faint hearted. There are many ways to submit to me which I will list below, but in return you will have the guarantee knowing your Mistress is blissfully happy in what you are doing and after all it is my happiness that counts not yours! You may ask yourself how much should I tribute to my beautiful Mistress Well as a new sub of course I have to get to know all about you, you home life and your level of commitment and most of all your financial position in this world, this could be anything from £50 a month upwards towards my style of living and then there is my wish list as well full of beautiful gifts that you want to adorn me with. Obviously the more I get the more you will have Mistresses undivided attention, I also enjoy being taken shopping with a minimum spend of £1000 which would be a full day (with all my 1st class travel expenses lunch or an evening meal excluded in fee) you paying of course, to you paying my bills to ATM drive ups and one of occasional payments the list is endless.
Mobile Phone    £50
Makeup    £100
Manicure/Pedicures/Waxing    £120
Gym Membership    £160
Hairdressing/Beauty     £280
Running of My Car    £300
Clothes         £500
Socialising (Clubs/Meals/Drinks)    £1000

Meal out for 4 £500 you may sit under the table while we eat drink and be merry and if you’re a really good boy kiss and lick our shoes clean.
Romantic meal for myself and a friend while you sit at another table like the loser you are £250
A meal for myself and you 2 hours of my time £300 Mistress may even talk to you if you bring me nice gifts and are very lucky!
You will pay for my 1st class return train fair and taxi to our arranged meeting place of my choice of course, you will then follow behind carrying my designer bags as I shop paying for everything then take me to lunch or a prearranged evening meal. The day will be from 11 am until 16.30 which will cost you £1000 plus expenses and if you beg enough for my company for the evening until 20.30 as well it will be another £500 all in lovely cash of course.
I understand you will commit to me and work very very hard for me so you can shower me with gifts and cash but occasionally you will receive a bonus from work or some sort of windfall well I WANT IT! No matter how much it is I want it and I expect it.
ATM drive ups will be allowed when you are an established worthwhile cash cow/money pig of mine and have been contributing to my life style for at least three months.  You will be given instructions to be at an ATM at a particular time & date whereupon I will be driven to you by my driver, you will bow your head on my approach and I will order you to withdraw an amount of my choosing, snatch the cash from your hand and simply walk-off leaving you there whilst I go off to spend your hard-earned money in any way I choose.
I take my Ownership of Slaves very serious this is not a game for me this is my lifestyle, and you will respect it to have such an honor bestowed upon you. Terms will be agreed with your Mistress and ownership contract signed and a monthly contribution is expected along with your duties and service to your Mistress, Collaring is the exact same and the same conditions apply. Monthly tribute will be paid to your Mistress if you have this Honor of carrying my name in being owned by me.
I love to key hold for my chastity devices, this gets carried out from my own Playrooms in Hertfordshire where you will come to me for me to unlock and lock your device, the charge for this is £50 a month for me to hold your key and £200 a month for you to come and be locked and unlocked by your beautiful Mistress.

To be even thought about let alone considered as a money-pig cash cow slave you will need to first send Me an Amazon Gift Voucher for a minimum of £30 to prove that you are genuine. Once I have received your gift voucher I will invite you to submit your detailed proposals as to how you may be of financial service to me and enhance my life on an ongoing basis for my consideration. Of course, you are welcome to treat me by sending an Amazon gift voucher for any amount at any time. The e-mail address you should use when purchasing an Amazon Gift Voucher is: [email protected]

I also offer the following specialist sessions ONLY to those slaves who have already attended an initial interview & assessment appointment and have been granted the privilege of serving me further:
Full-Day Sessions: These are for ten hours and may start at any time (at my discretion) between 10am & 2pm.  Such sessions would normally include some domestic duties around my home, such as cleaning & preparing/serving lunch or dinner as well as perhaps attending me in my bath or whatever other tasks I may instruct you to carry out.  Of course there will be plenty of time spent in my playroom (and if you are lucky enough to be summoned to my boudoir to pleasure me there until I am totally satisfied) Full Day sessions are a perfect way to totally immerse yourself in the pure pleasure of being the servant and sexual plaything to a genuine Lifestyle Goddess. Full day sessions are a strict one to one unless previously discussed where someone else will join us (another Mistress or sub) which of course will incur a surcharge for their time)
Full Day sessions of ten hours require a tribute of £1000
Overnight Sessions:  Will usually start around 7pm and will generally commence with you bathing and dressing me (naked of course) before you will be instructed to prepare & serve dinner.  (Your dinner will be served in a dog bowl on the floor).  After you have cleared away & washed-up whilst I change into something appropriate you will be led into my playroom where I will enjoy using & abusing you in any way that I may choose for as long as I wish to.  If I choose to do so, you may be taken to my Boudoir where I will totally use your body for my own pleasure & satisfaction until my desires are totally satiated.  Once I have finally finished toying with you (generally around midnight) you will be secured naked in My playroom and left shackled for the night (unless I wake in the night feeling horny and decide to once again use your body for My pleasure of course!)  In the morning you will be woken @8am and will be set to work preparing & serving a light breakfast for Me before I finally permit you to shower, dress and leave @9am. . Full Overnight sessions are a strict one to one unless previously discussed where someone else will join us (another Mistress or sub) which of course will incur a surcharge for their time)
Overnight Sessions require a tribute of £1000
Weekends – I will sometimes consider requests for extended appointments of full weekends of forty-eight hours (Friday evening to Sunday evening or similar) for which the required tribute is £3000. Again this can be a strict one to one with me or unless previously discussed where someone else will join us (another Mistresses and/or subs invited along with an additional cost added)