Annabelle’s Lounge

Welcome to Auntie Annabelle’s Victorian Lounge and a world of the past full of mystique and wondrous ways. Where Nanny’s, Mummy’s, Aunties, Teacher, Boss lady, the bosses strict sectary and Bratty sister’s disciplined there unsuspecting juniors over there knee. Pulling their short trousers and pants down to their ankles exposing there round cherub young bottoms ready for a good hard spanking over the female supremacists knee, being forcefully held down with one hand while the other went to work reddening one cheek and then the other. Madam would of course be dressed correctly with starched crisp white shirt, pencil skirt, high heels, sheer seemed stockings, a metal clip girdle which of course always dug into young flesh as it writhed around trying to get away from Madams hard stings. If one was very lucky Madam may add to her attire a crisp white starched apron. Then again not only over the knee spanking will Madam consider, oh no maybe a good beating with a plimsoll or a caning could be incorporated to teach her young pray a lesson he will never forget. Madam takes no prisoners in her Victorian Lounge and screams fall on muffled ears. Madam is proud of her eloquently furnished splendid Victorian Lounge with its plush fabrics and furnishings and dimly lit surroundings, it’s a place where discipline is administered for those who truly are worthy of Madams time and after the punishments has been administrated there is of course Madams voluptuous bosom to snuggle into where words of comfort and praise will be offered. Punishment delivered daily to naughty boys who need correcting but beware Madam is harsh and very strict and will not take no for an answer!