Annabelle’s Stable

Annabelle’s slave are a unique type of slave and all have been vetted and trained by my own fair hand so I can guarantee perfection. They range from young toy boys(of legal age of course) to the older very experienced ones, from Bi, Pain sluts, sissys, and just genuine eager to please Mistress ones that will do whatever I say much to my amusement. They are all totally under my control and do exactly as I tell them too, and in turn offer a multitude of service to please their Mistress and guests including :-

Cock and ball sucking and worship for your pleasure and mine, they will take your load and eagerly swallow it. They can be dressed up any way you choose from school girl/boy to sissy maid tranny tart and lots more all eager to suck you off while you are face fucking them and shooting over the slut red lips.

They can be bent over and tied down and have their tight little pussy arse fucked until you cum slow or fast, deep or hard or just gently teasing until you explode or of course use and abuse them and just pound the shit out of them, to me it’s all amusing stuff that puts a smile on Mistress’s face.

You can have all that’s in Annabelle’s stable that day or just one the choice is yours.

Mistress will even make them fuck you if she sees fit that choice is hers.

The true pain sluts are pure entertainment and will take whatever you dish out with no complaints, so if the interest takes you please email me to discuss your needs and fees that are applicable and my stables availability, or better still why not come to one of my monthly party’s?


Mistress Annabelle always requires good slaves of all descriptions, shape, size, age and ability’s but this is not for the faint hearted be warned you will be used for my pleasure