Travel Information

In calls

I currently hold in call sessions from my chambers in The Hertfordshire Playrooms in the SG2 area


I currently hold sessions from selected hotels and BDSM studios, Dungeons and play space in London and throughout the UK. We will decide on the Venue and location in line with your requirements. Your safety and discretion is of utmost importance and is never compromised.

Fees for Dungeon or Hotel and taxis will be added and included in the overall outcall rate.

A deposit of £100 will be paid, until this is done the session will not be confirmed, the rest of your tribute will be paid at session to your Mistress.

You will phone or message your Mistress in the morning at 8am to confirm you will be attending as I don’t want to waste time for nonattendance.

If you book me outside of England international rules apply.

International Travel

Whilst I am based in Hertfordshire, I can be available for travel throughout the UK, Europe and Middle East. I am willing to consider worldwide requests subject to conditions.

I will be professional in my role as a Dominatrix Mistress, my mode of dress will be appropriate for whatever the occasion.

My first language is Bossy Demanding Bitch my second is UK English which I speak fluently.

Should you desire to book me internationally, you will sponsor your Mistress by paying for my return flights (business class) and pay for my taxi and accommodation which will be no less than 4* quality. For this you will pay a reduced hourly rate. Otherwise you will have to wait until I am next on tour. For bookings you will email me and confirm all details. No email no session.

For tributes /contributions please see my contact page.

I May also be available if you are in London on business and may be able to accommodate overnight stays in your hotel.

I can accompany you to Spas and fetish clubs upon request.