Hertfordshire’s Premium Mistress

As the saying goes often copied never equaled well how true is that? After being a professional Mistress for over 12 years I have seen Mistress’s come and go. Escorts pretending to be a Mistress, Lady’s pretending to be a Mistress for the money thinking they have always been dominant and then there’s the life style Mistresses like myself who get the utmost personal pleasure watching my subjects grovel and squirm at my feet. Domination is not a hobby not a past time or something to while away the hours until the hubby gets home, it is a serious way of life which is not taken on by choice it is developed within you over time. Away of life that you think of the minuet you wake up to the minuet you go to sleep it’s like a drug needing your fix every second of the day, getting high on the adrenaline rush of inflicting the pain, the swish of the implement that is the twitching in your hand waiting to get going. It is a pleasure of seeing the submissive before you after your handy work has been applied and you stand back and admire it. People often ask me ‘why I do this’ and not get a normal job? God forbid how can this beautiful amazing pleasure be work?