Hertfordshire’s Premium Mistress

As the saying goes often copied never equaled well how true is that? After being a professional Mistress for over 12 years I have seen Mistress’s come and go. Escorts pretending to be a Mistress, Lady’s pretending to be a Mistress for the money thinking they have always been dominant and then there’s the life style Mistresses like myself who get the utmost personal pleasure watching my subjects grovel and squirm at my feet. Domination is not a hobby not a past time or something to while away the hours until the hubby gets home, it is a serious way of life which is not taken on by choice it is developed within you over time. Away of life that you think of the minuet you wake up to the minuet you go to sleep it’s like a drug needing your fix every second of the day, getting high on the adrenaline rush of inflicting the pain, the swish of the implement that is the twitching in your hand waiting to get going. It is a pleasure of seeing the submissive before you after your handy work has been applied and you stand back and admire it. People often ask me ‘why I do this’ and not get a normal job? God forbid how can this beautiful amazing pleasure be work?

Today in Hertfordshire

Well Hertfordshire is alight with the sound of swishing of Cain’s tawse’s, Birches, plimsolls and any other item I feel like using today. I get these days when I am in need to punish it’s a desire really to see you squirm around at my feet like an insect I need to crush. It’s like an itch I can’t scratch and have to keep giving pain until the urge goes away. Oh well my first submissive is due so need to get dressed in my pvc high heels and gloves so I am ready to welcome him into my web of debauchery. Hertfordshire I hope your ready !

New Request to Hertfordshire’s Mistress Annabelle

Hertfordshire’s Mistress Annabelle has had a new request from T.V Slut Jessica to join my stable of tranny’s which is very exciting as I am always interested in new meat.I have decided to interview her at my Playroom’s in Stevenage to see where I can train and refine her use for my worthy slut loving subjects and may even arrange a gang bang to see what see is really made off. Hertfordshire is definitely lacking in this department and I really need to start my stable party’s up and running again as they used to be so such fun. Well a very busy delightful day again for me, seeing lots of people who travel a long way to get to me in Stevenage and an added bonus of a new cash pig who’s wallet I will truly rape as Mistress has seen an amazing pair of Christian Loboutin shoes to add to her wardrobe so watch out for some sexy pictures

Sessions today in Stevenage

Today’s sessions will mainly include Mistress enjoying herself in her newly decorated playroom in Stevenage Hertfordshire. Lots of slaves want my attention today so I have set them a little challenge to amuse myself. The 1st one to belly crawl to my local ATM with there cash point card in there mouth and present me with a substantial tribute will get to spend the day grovelling at my feet and worshiping my shoes READY STEADY GO……..


Femdom in the work place

so come on the you sissy sluts how many of you have gone to work dressed as a sissy slut? At the Hertfordshire playrooms just the other day Hertfordshire Mistress Annabelle commanded one of her long term sluts to dress up and go to work. To my wicked amusement off she trotted in her stilettos and seemed stockings to her place of work. I just hope none of you poor worthless subjects were not in need of a Dr that dayHerts-Mistress-Annabel-Sissy-Gallery1

New Year Sneezes

Oh dear poor Mistress has the sneezes and snuffles today and I have such a busy day in front of me. I know I will be looked after by my loyal maggots crawling around at my feet licking my shoe’s as they go about there business and of course tending to my every need. They can scurry around doing there jobs and picking up my used tissue, now that will make me giggle. Am I too heartless with them do you think? no of course not, I am here to please myself not them. Now let’s see what I have in my Diary today hmmmmm ooooooooo I see I have a corporal punishment at 2 pm one of my favorites especially when my worms are mad to kneel and watch, makes them so uncomfortable when my subject is scramming and begging me to stop. Right my secret admirers my bath is run and my wash day slave is ready to bathe me so of I go, have fun and speak soon xxxxxxx

Happy New Year

Well happy new year to all my slime balls, cash pigs, and belly crawler’s well what a Christmas and New Year I have had. Still entertained my clients and had a few ‘Slave Party’s’ at Mistress’s playrooms so there were lots of fun to have. Of course Mistress was very spoilt what with designer shoe’s and handbags, perfume, wine,mac make up and my very special Rolex watch so I thank my loyal slaves and followers for your gifts. Now Mistress is a very busy lady today with lots of O.K.S and punishment, so if you need your bottom warming on this cold day give me a ring and I will see what I can do for you.